Our team behind Extract Excavation (E&H Enterprise LLC) has a long history of providing exceptional service to commercial construction projects. Our story begins as a steel erector and steel fabricator where we helped build large-scale steel buildings across the Pacific Northwest. In 2009, we saw the opportunity to expand further and moved into concrete forming and placing and have completed many large-scale projects.  In 2015, we saw yet another opportunity. We discovered that there is a demand for quality excavation services on a smaller, more intimate scale. 

To help meet this demand, we founded Extract Excavation.  Extract Excavation’s focus is to deliver the high quality workmanship and service expected in large commercial jobs on smaller light commercial residential projects. Extract has the equipment, skill, and experience you would expect from a large commercial excavator- but we are available to help with everything from driveways and home site preparation, to parking lots and road building.

If you have questions about your project and would like to talk to an excavation expert, please contact us today.




Jeremiah has over 15 years of experience in commercial and residential construction.

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